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We work with our Good Sports Clubs to get the best results for everyone.

The past 10 years have proven that the most successful clubs are those that promote their involvement in the program to their members and the public. For your club, this can also be the key to great success!

club portal

The club portal is your go to for all accreditation material. Also, make sure to keep your details up to date so that we can keep getting those awesome resources to you.


Promotions are different ways to communicate your position as a Good Sports club to your players and members using your websites, newsletters, social media or traditional media.

We’ve prepared a host of resources to help you rally the squad behind your cause and to help your members and the broader community understand your goals. They’ve been designed to help members understand how changes around the club lead to positive culture change that benefits everyone. They can also be used to reinforce key messages and unite the team behind the cause. 

Promotion is part of the accreditation program and we’ll work with you to understand your requirements and to help you achieve success from the program.

good sports CLUB logo

As a Good Sports club you are able to display the Good Sports logo to show your participation in the program. Whether it’s on your website, playing tops or stationery, make sure that you show your commitment to inspiring a healthier sporting nation and creating safe and healthy club environments.

Just click on the button below, right click and save as, then you are ready to start showing off your participation in Good Sports!

Please note, it’s important to stick to the Brand Guidelines when working with the Good Sports Logo. These Guidelines help to explain who can use the logo, and how. See the Guidelines below.

WEBSITE and email images for partners

For partner organisations that aren’t Good Sports clubs but would like to promote the program, please use the below images.

Website Text

Make sure you let your current and prospective members know what being part of Good Sports is all about. Copy the relevant text and upload it onto the Good Sports
or relevant page of your website. TIP: Use the logo to help brighten up the page.


Keep your club members informed of your participation in the Good Sports program. No matter what program or level you are in, you can choose the newsletter copy that is right for you.

Facebook Posts

Tell your supporters on social media! We have three Facebook posts for each level that you can choose from to share the good news with your members.


Share Healthy Eating messages with your club community by using these posts on social media.


Activities are another way to promote your participation in the Good Sports program through events, presentations or announcements. Choose which are best suited to you, download the file and you are ready to promote!


Understanding that often you, as club volunteers are time poor, but balancing that with the importance of promotion, the Good Sports website now offers you a range of tools to help you promote your position as a Good Sports club.

Promotion is now part of the accreditation program and is split into Activities and Promotions. Depending on your level, the requirements vary. Please take the time to read the below FAQs to get a better understanding of the exact requirements and opportunities that the new tools offer.

What do I have to do?

As part of the Good Sports accreditation program, clubs are expected to promote their participation in the Good Sports program to all members. Traditionally, promotion through the club newsletter, website and media release were combined with merchandise such as bar mats and Good Sports signs.

To make it easier for players and members to understand and support your club changes as part of Good Sports, we have made Good Sports promotion much simpler and opened up access to use of the logo by all accredited clubs. We have divided the accreditation requirements into two different types; Activities and Promotions.

We will continue to update and add resources to the website as we collect new and innovative promotional examples from clubs, so keep checking in for the latest!

Are there any rules when it comes to sharing the Good Sports logo?

There sure are, thanks for asking! It's important to follow the Brand Guidelines when working with the Good Sports logo. These guidelines provide all of the best practice info when it comes to the who, what, when, where and why of using the logo. You can find them on this page, below the Good Sports logos.

Is promotion compulsory?

Promotion is already part of Good Sports accreditation, however these additional and more detailed criteria are simply to help your club achieve the maximum benefit of the program. Remember, these are only minor changes and your club may already be doing enough. We have created everything you need to complete the requirements and thereby removed any labour intensive tasks from your side. This should be a walk in the park!

What happens if I cannot fulfil enough of the requirements for accreditation?

If you cannot complete the promotions as listed on the website, do not panic. The promotion of Good Sports is flexible. If you cannot use all the tools on the website, just talk to your Project Officer and explain what you have been doing. If you have been promoting the program in other ways, this will all be included.

What is a Good Sports promotion?

A promotion is the use of communications such as newsletters, Facebook posts, or web banners to promote your involvement in the program.

What is a Good Sports activity?

An activity is done in person, such as an award presentation or an announcement over the loud speaker. Good Sports activities help members understand what Good Sports means to your club.

What’s in it for my club?

Consistent promotion of the Good Sports message helps to increase member commitment to the new expectations created by your club’s participation in Good Sports. When there is potential for resistance to new expectations, committee members can strengthen their position by acknowledging the changes are because the club is involved in Good Sports. We know that Good Sports works, so the stronger your promotion and connection to the program, the quicker the club will work through accreditation and experience maximum value.

I would like some further information and/or help.

If you are still unsure, don’t worry! You can contact your Project Officer and they will be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

Keep up to date with all things Good Sports

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Excessive alcohol consumption can distract you from carrying out appropriate recovery strategies to help the body refuel and rehydrate.

Drinking the night before a game can affect a person’s speed and performance and increase the risk of injury.

If a person drank a lot at night they may still have a high concentration of alcohol in their bloodstream the following day.

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