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Choosing the right sports club for your family

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Selecting a sports club that is the right fit for your family is no mean feat; there are many factors to consider. These days, playing sport is more than just taking to the court or time on the pitch – clubs now have to provide so much more.

For a long time, being a part of a club wasn’t just about being with your mates, and playing a sport you love, it was also about enjoying a drinking session after a game. With more light being shed on the damaging effects of drinking and drug culture in sports club, it’s important you choose a club that promotes healthy habits and brings out the best in your family. To help you make the right choice, here are a few things to consider when checking out a new sports club:


Heroes can come in many shapes and forms, and sports club members are no exception. Does the club have strong leadership, not only within the committee, but with players? The best clubs will take a leading role in providing a nurturing environment in your family, so get an understanding of key members within the club and how they’ll play a role in your sports club experience.


Does the club serve alcohol? Do they have a process in dealing with drug use within the club? Ask about codes of conduct covering each category of their membership, as well as if coaches are qualified and the bar staff are trained. If your local club has these sorts of initiatives in place, you can more confident that they are working to improve and provide the best possible environment for their members.


Community involvement
Great sports clubs have a good reputation within the community – they let everyone have a go, and not just the most talented. Ask around to get a feel for how the club is perceived in the community with your family’s needs in mind.

Fortunately, many clubs have shaped their environment with healthy and responsible attitudes, particularly about alcohol. The Good Sports program works closely with club members to help them do that. Being involved in programs like Good Sports signifies the club is serious about creating the best environment for its members, both on and off the field.

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