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Killarney Vale Football Club has always been known for its community spirit and decorated history. Now, after some small changes, the club is just as famous for its ‘good tucker’.

Part of both the Good Sports Healthy Eating Program and the NSW Health Finish with the Right Stuff initiative, Killarney Vale is well and truly committed to championing healthy (and delicious) options at the club canteen.

From fresh fruit and fruit kebabs, to air popped popcorn and salad sandwiches, Killarney Vale has embraced a healthier menu that holds its own against traditional footy favourites.

The club has also introduced a free salad bar to complement the BBQ and restructured the price of drinks making water a cheaper option compared to soft drinks.

It’s credit to the club’s strong connection with the community and smart approach to implementing changes in the club.

“Persistence and politeness, is a cornerstone of managing these type of changes,” club Treasurer Phillip Lewis explains.

“Not making too many changes at once helps enormously and having the Canteen Manager implement these face-to-face, rather than through hand-me-down instruction or posted notices is critical.”

The support of Good Sports and Finish with the Right Stuff didn’t hurt either. According to Phillip, it was important to back up the changes with policies and evidence.

“In the past, there were always arguments of ‘that’s just your opinion’, but now there is a greater body of strength behind any proposal for changes. Being part of Good Sports allows for engagement with the wider community and is a critical part of the philosophy which underpins the development of the club.”

In sport, you get out what you put in. The Good Sports Healthy Eating program helps local sporting clubs promote healthy food and drink options to members and guests. The program is available for local sporting clubs in the ACT, NSW, QLD and soon Tasmania.

In NSW, the program is funded by NSW Health and incorporates Finish with the Right Stuff practices. Online training and support is available for clubs here.

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