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Why you should join your local sporting club

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Joining a local sporting club can be daunting. From weekly training sessions to match-days and in some cases volunteer work, becoming a team player is a significant commitment.

Yet despite being busier than ever, thousands of Australians continue to return to their local club week-to-week. Being a member of a community sporting club is about more than just keeping fit – it fulfils us, making us healthier from the inside out.

  1. Encourages a sense of belonging.

Being a member of a local sporting club is the chance to be a part of a team. With busier lives and less opportunities for social interaction, local sport clubs offer the unique opportunity to make friends and connect with like-minded people in your local community.


  1. Makes you physically fitter and stronger.

According to the Heart Foundation, around 12 million Australians aged 15 and over had either sedentary or low levels of exercise. Committing to a local sporting team is a great way to prioritise physical exercise.


  1. Contributes to higher self-esteem.

Being part of a positive and healthy sporting environment is a game changer.  The right sports club will nurture strong self-esteem and contribute to better mental health for its members.


  1. The chance to have an impact in your local community.

Local sporting clubs are the ultimate community hubs. They bring people together through passion and loyalty. Joining your local club gives you the opportunity to connect and have an impact within your local community.


  1. Allows greater work-life balance.

These days we’re spending much of our lives at work and in front of screens. Making a commitment to a local sporting club is also a pledge to form healthier habits; a club commitment is the perfect excuse to leave work on time, or press pause on Netflix.


  1. It’s great for your CV.

Being involved with a local sporting clubs gets you places. Local clubs are the perfect place to network and form important community connections. Involvement with a local sporting club, whether in a volunteer or playing capacity, is a great addition to any resume or portfolio as it shows commitment, leadership and care for community.

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