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Aussie Summer: A Winner’s Guide to the Beach

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An Australian summer is incomplete without going to the beach. But every Aussie knows you need to come to the seaside with more than your bathers. A day at the beach is all about preparation and maintenance.


  1. Water, Fruit and Icy Poles: Packing the Beach Esky of Champions

To do a summer day at the beach right, you need an esky. Pack your cooler with plenty of freezer blocks and lots of water.  Water is the best way to keep your body hydrated. Don’t wait until your thirsty, fuel up on H2O before you go. The Nutrient Reference Values for Australia and New Zealand have very useful information on how much you and your kid’s need – children need to keep cool especially on hot days. If you want to fill your cooler with other goodies, pack with care because here’s the sand scoop – sand, heat, wind, food and drink are a tricky combination. Food and drink that needs to be in plates and cups gets extra crunchy at the beach! Pack some fresh fruit (still in nature’s packaging is best) and of course, why not some homemade icy poles? Here’s a great icy pole recipe that’s both healthy and delicious.


Remember – whatever you pack to drink, make sure it’s non-alcoholic. According to the But most importantly, swimming and alcohol are not a good mix. Research shows that “drinking impairs both physical and mental abilities, and it also decreases inhibitions….even experienced swimmers may venture out farther than they should and not be able to make it back to shore”. So best to stay on the safe side and alcohol-free so you can look out for yourself, your friends and family too!

If you do choose to drink, you can reduce the risks by having a look at the Alcohol and Drug Foundation’s tips, here.



  1. Hats, Sunscreen and Long Sleeves: The ‘SunSmart Beach Body’

Living in Australia means needing to be sun smart. Too much sun exposure puts us at high risk of sunburn and skin cancers. When the UV Index reaches 3 and above, the Cancer Council Australia recommends a combination of five steps to protect against sun damage. So, cover yourself and your buddies in high SPF sunscreen, a long sleeved shirt and the ultimate beach fashion accessory, a wide-brimmed floppy hat. They look great and offer the best sun protection. You can find out more about keeping yourself and your family safe from the sun by visiting SunSmart.


  1. Beach Brollies, Tents, Chairs, and Towels: Building the Perfect Beach House

If you plan to spend a day at the beach, remember to bring your beach house on the go. Beach umbrellas are perfect for getting the sea breeze and nothing but the sun, and tents are a must for windy days at the sea. The Cancer Council advises that “shade alone can reduce ultraviolet (UV) exposure by up to 75 per cent.” You can read more about the importance of staying in the shade here. The sun isn’t the only thing you’ll need to keep at bay on a day at the beach, don’t forget about the sand! Keep the sandcastles at the beach with sand-free beach towels, and getting your crew to the outdoor showers before they get to the car. And remember to tip out your shoes! Closed footwear offer the best sun protection but they can also be a sand trap!


  1. Beach Balls, Beverages and Blue Bottles: Having the Right Kind of Fun at the Beach

Every Australian has their favourite thing to do at the seaside. Building sand castles, playing frisbee, cricket, trying to boogie board. There are a lot of ways to have active fun at the beach. That said, it’s important to prepare for the unexpected, and maintain awareness of you and your crew. Make sure everybody keeps cool, hydrated and has plenty of sun protection, and pack your Beach Esky of Champions with a bottle of vinegar. Not for hot chips, for those pesky


No matter where and how you have fun in the surf, make sure you put water safety first. Always swim at a patrolled beach and follow the beach safety signs. If you’re not sure about whether it’s safe to swim, ask a lifesaver they’re always happy to help! Smart thinking goes a long way when it comes to having a fun day at the beach.


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