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Aussie Summer: A Winners Guide to the Park Picnic

News & Events / Aussie Summer: A Winners Guide to the Park Picnic

Organising the perfect picnic during summer is a SCIENCE. It’s all about planning ahead, preparing for the unexpected, and despite your best attempts to organise with military precision, surviving what occasionally feels like herding cats. Luckily we’ve got all the tips you need to keep your clan keen during your day on the green.

1. Pick your Picnic Master

This crucial step is not optional and CANNOT be skipped over. Once the Picnic Master or Chairperson of the Picnic Steering Committee (whatever title they prefer) has been selected, they are officially in charge and that’s that. They call the shots in terms of organisation and task delegation – what they say goes. And if it all goes wrong, it’s all on their head. Nominate yourself and others wisely. The price of victory and defeat is not always the same.

2. Picnic Spotting: A Good Picnic is all about location, location, location

To get the best picnic spot on a long weekend, it’s best to get there early. Look for a shady spot near a nice flat area of grass, and not too far from a safe source of drinking water. If you’re picnicking with children, make sure your picnic spot is away from potential water and other safety hazards if possible.

3. Don’t Hamper your Efforts: The Science of the Picnic Basket

The ideal picnic basket is packed with healthy food that can survive the heat. Carrot and celery sticks with homemade hommus, quiche, and even Vietnamese rice paper rolls can be made ahead and eaten with ease. One thing to pack less of is alcohol, as your body dehydrates quicker when you drink, and on hot summer days it’s best to stick to non-alcoholic beverages. If you do choose to drink on a hot day, you could space your drinks with a glass of water or non-alcoholic drink in between, to make sure you’re getting enough fluids. There are a range of other ways you can reduce the risks of drinking, check it out here.

4. Best on Ground: The Right Sporting Equipment for Picnics

The most important piece of sporting equipment – yourself in top performance condition!  Whether you’re with your friends or your family, it’s important to lead the charge on and off the ‘field’. The best way to do this is by setting a good example. This is especially true if there are younger people around. Also, don’t forget to come along with plenty of H20 in tow! Water goes quickly on summer days, so make sure you pack enough for all your guests. Even pack a bit extra as there may be a few unexpected ‘reserves’ turning up mid-match! Everyone loves a team game in the park so pack a soccer ball, a cricket set, and a frisbee is a picnic favourite for furry and non-furry friends alike. Best to play in shade where possible, and alcohol-free so you can play at your best! Having a good long weekend is all about pacing yourself and getting the most out of your break.


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