26th May, 2021 — Good Sports

Developing Wilmingtons’ tennis talent of tomorrow

Junior tennis players in a small South Australian country town are looking forward to some city-style coaching this year.

With a population of just 500, Wilmington Tennis Club is the winner of a $1,000 Good Sports prize which will be used to bring a junior development coach from Adelaide 305 kilometres away.

Reaching new heights with Good Sports

The club, which has a proud 110-year history and 55 members, won the prize for upgrading its Good Sports accreditation to the highest level and implementing guidelines around alcohol management, tobacco and safe transport.

Wilmington Tennis Club committee member and public officer, Catherine Battersby, said the club is very excited about its win.

“It’s a big boost for us in a small town. It’s hard to raise $1,000, it takes a lot of time and a lot of raffles.

“In the past we’ve had parents coaching the kids, so the prize money will provide an opportunity for our juniors to learn more skills.”

The club has been involved with the Good Sports program for more than 15 years and maintaining accreditation is part of its strategic plan to build a healthy and inclusive club environment.

Catherine says that being part of Good Sports gives the club a sense of pride that it’s moving in the right direction. 

“We’re a small farming community so the club with its liquor licence is a social hub on Friday nights. Our facilities are of a good standard and are recognised by neighbouring towns.”

Investing in Wilmington Tennis Club’s future

She said that the reaccreditation process was simple because of good committee management and help from the Good Sports staff.

Good Sports Community Development Manager, Luke Meadows, said Wilmington Tennis Club should feel very proud for taking out the $1,000 South Australian prize for its work in reaching the highest level of the Good Sports program. 

“I congratulate them for their commitment. The club was very willing and enthusiastic about adopting Good Sports practices and are strong advocates for the program. 

“Being part of the program will help the club have a respectful and supportive community. “

With the Good Sports prize money, the club will employ Nick Hall, a former tennis pro, to upskill its junior members. As a highly respected professional coach, he’s bound to develop new talent for Wilmington’s tennis tournaments.

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