15th March, 2022 — Good Sports awards

Local VIC legend wins Volunteer of the Year award

Brian Richardson has been crowned the Good Sports 2021 Volunteer of the Year for going above and beyond in contributing to a more supportive and family-friendly sporting environment for everyone at the West Rosebud Bowling and Croquet Club.

“Some volunteers are nominated for their years of involvement, or for the positions they may have held. And then there is Brian Richardson, undeniably the greatest clubman,” said Club President Phil Brown.

“Brian is self-driven to improve the lives of others and always finds the time to engage with those who need a minute of his time.”

Brian receives $750 for contributing to culture change from the ground up. He devotes over 60 hours a week towards all aspects of running a Good Sports club – from grounds maintenance and organising game days, to supporting committee members with decision making around the club.

A historic club proud of their champion

West Rosebud Bowling and Croquet Club are a proud club and in their 63rd year. It’s one of the last remaining bowls and croquet clubs on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria that has retained grass greens. This is an attraction for many opposing players and members of the local community.

The grounds at the club are another attraction, with Brian to thank. He has created beautiful sustainable garden beds that are thriving on natural rainfall. Aging club members, many now living in residential care with minimal garden, sit for hours and admire them.

During COVID-19 lockdown periods, this star club volunteer took on even more projects. He wasn’t able to access his usual gardens in the grounds, and so began to beautify the carpark area.

Brian removed environmental weeds that had smothered indigenous vegetation. He set about building a collection of flora for this area, propagating plants, and germinating seeds, transplanting the more mature species into a gloriously mulched garden bed next to the entry.

He also took home garden signs and bench seats just before curfews began and repainted them.

Brian’s impact at West Rosebud BCC

“Brian’s hard work around the grounds of the West Rosebud Bowling and Croquet Club supports us in creating a more welcoming and safer environment for all members,” said Phil.

“We get to see the incredible impact he has on the club every day and we’re so proud that others now get to see that too with this Good Sports Award’s Volunteer of the Year Award.”

Hosted by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation in Melbourne in March 2022, the Awards ceremony recognised Good Sports clubs and their dedicated volunteers from across the country who are passionate about community, their members and making their club the very best it can be.

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