6th May, 2022 — Road safety

Umina Eagles driving it home

Sharing the load is nothing new for the Umina Eagles driver’s pool. Just like on the field, teamwork gets its community home safely.

The club is based at Umina Beach 90 kilometres north of Sydney on the Central Coast. Many of the Umina United Soccer Club’s players travel to and from the city for work. Road safety is always front of mind.

Deso driver rewards at Umina United Soccer Club

Club Treasurer and Sponsorship Co-ordinator Gavin Robinson says the driver’s pool was set up because of the difficulties obtaining public transport on a Saturday night after an event.

“Non-drinking drivers are rewarded with a free meal and entry fee, in exchange for getting others home.

“We ask everyone to prioritise safety, play their part and have a plan in place to make sure every journey is a safe one.

“Every function at the club’s sponsor venue is promoted as a ‘Good Sports Safe Transport’ event and always includes a sit-down meal if alcohol is available for purchase.”

“We publicise the venue's community transport bus including its regular drop-off and pick-up times and we strongly encourage our members to use this service where possible,” said Gavin.

He added that members are encouraged to download the Uber app and that the club prominently displays the local taxi number in all advertising.

Safe events, safe fun

Since becoming a Good Sports club, Umina has looked at how social functions are run so that they can appeal to a wider range of locals.

This has included ensuring that, if there is an event where alcohol is served, all the bar staff are RSA-trained. They also make sure other safe transport options are provided.

“We have been able to provide safe and responsible events where alcohol is served due to the resources and policies provided to us from Good Sports.”

The club won the 2021 Good Sports NSW Club of the Year. Its football family has grown to 769 players and 69 teams since 1979, which Gavin says is due largely to the club’s community leadership through its Good Sports values.

“These initiatives have helped many newly arrived families feel welcomed and part of the club’s community. Members look out for each other, and are proud Umina Eagles.”

In New South Wales, Good Sports is a partner of the NSW Government through Transport for NSW. The Good Sports program is funded under the Community Road Safety Fund.

Good Sports’ free safe transport resources can help you in putting together safe transport practises for your club.

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