1st June, 2021 — Membership and management

60 years of service: Tiny’s story

Colin “Tiny” Nelson is an icon of the Goodwood Saints Football Club. He has already dedicated over 60 years of service to the South Australian club – an enormous effort for the man they call ‘Tiny’.

Colin started volunteering at the club after an injury kept him off the field. His role on the sidelines includes pumping up the footballs, setting up for match day and completing the dreaded club paperwork.

According to Club Secretary Sharon Partington, Colin’s leadership provides an example for everyone at the club to follow.

A role model for Goodwood Saints Football Club

“He certainly is a massive leader at this football club.” Sharon explains. “A lot of people could certainly learn a lot from Colin.”

In fact, the club may not even exist today without the foresight of Colin in the 1980s. It was Colin who led the merger of two local clubs – a move that saved Goodwood.

With life membership, Memorial Awards and even a Club Stand to his name, Colin is truly treasured by his footy club.

But for Colin, the awards or accolades aren’t important – it’s all about the club.

“I’m actually very proud of this club,” Colin explains. “I’ll do anything to make this club better. That’s what it’s all about.”

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Membership and management