31st May, 2021 — Volunteers

Super-mum Terri Speechley from Mounties Rugby League

As we know, mums are often the ones who make our sports clubs tick. They drive us to training and game days, they volunteer as coach or at the canteen, they feed us and sort out uniforms and most importantly of all, they encourage and support us.

One such fantastic mum is Terri Speechley, who was nominated for our Good Sports Club Champion Award. Terri is Secretary of the Mounties Junior Rugby League Club in NSW, and was nominated by their Football Manager, Steve Litvenksy.

“A novel would be required to outline all the amazing achievements of Terri! She has given the club over 15 years of service. Terri’s current role is Secretary, but in recent years volunteers have been difficult to find, so she has also filled at least seven other roles,” Steve told Good Sports.

“Terri is the fairy who just makes magic happen.”

Champion for the inclusive and welcoming Mounties Rugby League

Mounties Rugby League has been a part of the Good Sports program since 2010. They’re participants in all Good Sports programs and see themselves as leaders in community sport. They have 27 teams from Under 6s to Seniors.

“I love the club because of the people and the sense of belonging that comes with being a part of a community environment,” said Terri.

Mounties is culturally diverse and welcomes everyone to take part and have fun. Terri has been integral to this atmosphere. She’s been a big supporter of female participation and assisted with the Disability Rugby League.

It’s not just helping the club run that makes Terri so amazing. She goes above and beyond for her community.
“Terri eats, sleeps and breathes community sport and is always looking for innovative ways to make the club more enjoyable. She is always a positive role model,” said Steve.

For the past few seasons, Terri has taken her passion to rural and remote areas and donates clubwear to those less fortunate. She facilitates a program with Country Rugby League to ensure that young people in remote communities get to join in and play sport. Health promotion is very important to Terri and she always looks to promote a healthy image in sport.

Mum at home and on the field

At home, Terri is a mother to two sons and one daughter who have all been involved with the club in the past decade.

“Being a mum is extremely rewarding and seeing my kids grow up into great young adults makes me so proud,” said Terri.

“As a mother, I pride myself on teaching my kids that people might forget what you do and say, but they will never forget how you make them feel.”

It’s this attitude to the world that makes Terri such a fantastic mum and champion of the club she loves.

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