10th May, 2023 — Drugs

Talk About It – guide for parents on having conversations about alcohol and other drugs with your kids

If your club members include juniors or families, you might like to share with parents this new guide on having conversations about alcohol and other drugs with children and teens.

Talking to young people about serious stuff, like alcohol and other drugs, can be challenging. That’s why the Alcohol and Drug Foundation has pulled together the latest info and advice to help parents and carers start the conversation and be clear on all the facts – from vaping, safe partying and social media, to the law.

How do I start conversations with my kids about alcohol and other drugs?

It can be hard to know when it’s the right time to chat with kids about alcohol and other drugs or how to broach the topic in the first place. 

Talk About It gives parents and carers simple steps to have these conversations, with young children through to teens.

It also gives you info on why young people might use alcohol and other drugs, how to recognise when they need support and how to find help.

What’s the right age to start talking to children about alcohol and other drugs?

You can start conversations even before they go to high school. In fact, raising this topic early means you can let them know there’s no silly questions and no off-limit topics. 

When it comes to prepping teenagers for times when they may be around alcohol and other drugs, talking about it – often - is key. Give them the facts, find out what they think and equip them with simple strategies for tricky social situations. Talk About It will help you get started.

Social media & newsletter kit

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