6th January, 2021 — Membership and management

Start of season checklist

This pre-season checklist will help club organisers tick off the steps needed to put your club safely back in action.

So much to do, so little time. Even though the new season has been a long time coming, there still seems to be a mountain of pre-season prep.

For newcomers and stalwarts alike, the job of firing up the club’s engine can seem overwhelming. Insurances to renew, licences to update, players to recruit, volunteers to find, training to organise, matches to schedule.

Now, on top of the usual hurdles, there are COVID-safe rules to follow.

That’s why Good Sports has compiled this checklist and short video to make sure you remember to tick the important boxes - on field and off.

State-by-state restarting guidelines

Every state and territory has different restrictions in place and rules for community sporting clubs to follow as the season starts. What works in Queensland might not be appropriate for Tasmania or the ACT.

Here is the link you can follow to find your state’s guidelines as well as posters and other resources to support healthy practices post-COVID.

Australian Capital Territory:

New South Wales:

Northern Territory:


South Australia:



Western Australia:

Other information:

  • Sports Australia: Return to sports toolkit: Sport Australia has released the Return to Sport Toolkit, a suite of practical resources that focus on giving community sporting clubs and associations a roadmap for the safest return to sport at all levels.
  • Sports community: For general community sporting information
  • Sporting grants: Good Sports has compiled a list of grants available in your state and tips on how to write a winning application.

Pre-season meeting

  • If your club is not a member of Good Sports, add an agenda item to discuss why you should join
  • If your club is already a member, add an agenda item to discuss the move to the new Good Sports online format
  • Allocate a committee member to oversee the club’s sign-up or transition to the new Good Sports online accreditation program
  • If you already are an accredited member, your club’s details will already be transferred to the new online program

Clear reminders

  • Make sure signs around drinking, smoking and safe transport are clearly posted in the right places inside and outside the club
  • Remember the impact of the long shutdown on many members. Have ready access to mental health and other support materials for members

For clubs that sell alcohol

  • Make sure your licence is still current and your contact details are current for this season
  • Check if a Responsible Service of Alcohol course needs to be booked and make sure members have their up-to-date RSA certification
  • Organise for free water, non-alcohol drink options and food to be available
  • Make sure everyone knows about the club’s smoking, safe transport and safe celebration polices

And remember to touch base with your Good Sports team member if you have any queries, or just to let them know you are back up and running.

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Membership and management