5th January, 2021 — Membership and management

Be social and be seen

Social media is a great way to share updates, get people talking and spark local interest. This toolkit will help you spread the word about your club.

Just like having a Club President and Secretary, Good Sports clubs can appoint a Social Media Manager or share the responsibility across a few committee members.

They can keep a close eye on what is being posted by their club and what is being posted about their club.

This person or team will also need to be easily contacted in case anyone wants to raise a concern about a post on your social media. Things can happen quickly on social media, and reactions need to be swift.

Your social accounts should be checked regularly – at least twice a week. Just in case something unpleasant has slipped through.

Everything that is posted should reflect positive, family-friendly values. It is OK to celebrate – we all love to win. But avoid any criticism of other teams or individual players and officials.

Also avoid posting any images of club members drinking or celebrating with alcohol.

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Membership and management