5th January, 2021 — Membership and management

Safe Transport tips

Getting safely to and from Good Sports events is an important part of creating a secure environment for members.

Getting to an event is pretty easy – just jump in the car and go. Getting home again can be a bit trickier, especially after a celebration.

As part of your club’s duty of care you should provide a way for members to get home safely to eliminate any risk of drink driving, injury or worse.

Good Sports clubs can look after their members by putting in place as many of these strategies as possible:

  • Designated driver program: Arrange designated drivers to be responsible for getting members and visitors home from functions where there is alcohol.
  • Key register: All members who drive to the club are to register their car keys with the bar staff. The bar staff make sure all members who have left their keys with them are in a fit shape to drive home.
  • Taxi or rideshare (Uber, Ola, etc.) vouchers as prizes: In place of bottles, six-packs and slabs as player prizes.
  • Taxi numbers and rideshare links clearly displayed: Provide a list of local taxi companies for members to call or rideshare options to contact after a club function.
  • Free call service for taxis: Have a phone at the bar to use.
  • Club iPad or tablet for rideshare: Allow people to book their rideshare through a club iPad or tablet.
  • Free club transport: Think about the possibility of a club mini-bus or member transport.
  • Incentives: Provide incentives for designated drivers and bar servers – such as free non-alcoholic drinks or free bar snacks.
  • Cover safe transport in your club policy: A policy will help your club identify what safe travel practices have been adopted. It is best that you consult and involve club members in this process
  • Promote your safe transport plan: Once you include safe transport in your policy, it is important to share this with your members. Include it on your club website, players’ manual, newsletters, noticeboards and mention it at club meetings.

These options make it easier for members to get home without having to drive, and ensure you are keeping your club safe.

Safe transport poster

No idea where to begin on a safe transport plan? No worries. Safe transport is a topic you’ll cover off in your Good Sports action plan, so you don’t have to write anything from scratch.

Creating your policy is easy on the Good Sports online portal. If you don’t have a club account yet, register now.

We’ve also included a printable poster to display in the club rooms and bar areas. This will remind everyone to stop and think before driving home.

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Membership and management