6th January, 2021 — Protective factors

Safe transport for special events

A major tournament, a grand final, a big athletics race. Don’t let your focus on the sport take your mind off the safe trip home.

In Australia, a major sporting event is always just around the corner. Special events need special planning. That includes making sure members get there and back in one piece.

Being responsible when it comes to safe transport is as easy as some simple planning. By taking some time to make a game plan with friends and members before the event, you’ll have more time to celebrate together on the day.

If your club is in a regional or remote area, you’ll be facing some extra challenges when it comes to transport. Thinking ahead can help your members and guests get home safe.

Ideas to get home safely

Before a special event at your club, here are some tips to share with your members on getting home safely. Encourage them to:

Arrange a designated driver

Ask around and see if anyone is planning to drive to the event. Offer to repay the favour or pitch in for petrol in exchange for a ride. Remember, a designated driver should be somebody who is licensed and responsible. Local clubs can help to provide incentives for designated drivers by providing them with free non-alcoholic drinks or a free meal.

Carpool in a rideshare or taxi

Ahead of the day, have at least two phone numbers for a taxi stored on your phone or download a rideshare app (Uber, Ola, Didi, etc.). Tell your mates to do the same. Split the cost of a taxi service with mates. If you don’t live close to each other, organise to stay at a friend’s place. And if you’re hosting the event, help your guests get home safely by providing phone chargers and taxi numbers.

Have a plan B

Things don’t always go to plan. If your first option falls through, try to have a second game-plan for getting home. This might mean bringing some extra cash for a taxi in case the designated driver can’t drive, or maybe asking a close friend to keep an eye on their phone in case your drive home falls through. Whatever you do, never get in the car with somebody who you think may be over the limit.

Information for clubs

Now is a great time to update your Good Sports policy to include safe transport. Check out some of our tips for clubs.

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Protective factors