12th May, 2021 — Road safety

Treating road safety as a team sport

When you share a team uniform, it’s a special kind of bond. You’re working to a game plan, you know where your team mates are on the court or field.  You watch out for their signals and you learn to read the play.

It’s the only winning strategy for sporting clubs of every kind.

But, even when the game is over and the celebrations start, you keep your radar and your defences switched on.

Because winning doesn't mean much unless everyone in the team gets home safely.  Apart from the pain of fines and suspensions, around every corner, there’s the bigger risk of injury and death. Everyone knows someone who has had a bad accident.

While your club should have measures in place to keep members safe on the roads after practice or a big event, they can’t do it all themselves.

On the day, it’s the players who win or lose the game.

Road safety ideas to keep your mates safe

Here are some things you can do to show you have your teammates’ back:

  • Game plan: Be realistic and have some strategies already in place to get home with a taxi or ride share. Make sure you and all your friends have a booking app on their phones.
  • Radar on: Watch out for signs a friend has had a bit too much to drink. Take notice if someone has been hitting the bar or their cooler bin often.
  • Quick intercept: Ask for their keys. Make sure they can’t get behind the wheel.
  • Safe delivery: If your team has arranged transport, use it. Don’t think it will be all right on the night. Get your name on that list well in advance.
  • Bus it: If your club hasn't arranged a bus ahead of a big night, step up and suggest it yourself. There will always be others in the club who are happy to get on board.
  • Bring a swag: If you plan on a big night, take a swag and doss down at a friend’s place or in the clubrooms. Don't risk making a dash for home, even if it’s just a short distance.

Lead the change for safety

There are many clubs who are being positive leaders in their community by introducing effective ways to get their members home safely.

Good Sports clubs have a safe transport plan in place to protect their members and guests. They’ve done the planning and have alternative transport strategies ready to go.

Want to suggest becoming a part of Good Sports to your club? Good Sports has quick guides and printouts you can take to your club’s committee to show them the many benefits of the program.

So have a word with a committee member and let them know your team mates’ safety really matters to you. It’s free, it’s easy. Give it a go.

In South Australia, the Good Sports program is a partner of the South Australian Government through the THINK! Road Safety initiative, working to remind all South Australians that road trauma can be prevented when everyone thinks about their own behaviour when driving, riding, or walking.

Visit the THINK! Road Safety website

In New South Wales, Transport for NSW is a partner of the Good Sports program, who develop practical solutions to reduce deaths and serious injuries on roads.

Visit the Transport for New South Wales website

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