10th September, 2021 — Road safety

Road safety win for Cobar Roosters

Keeping club members safe on the road has won a $5,000 Good Sports prize for the Cobar Roosters Rugby League Football Club

The proud outback NSW club this year celebrates 100 years of rugby league in Cobar. Recently having joined Good Sports, they shared their story about why safe transport is a top priority.

Long drives on country roads a risk

Club President Chris Deighton said that the club travels vast distances on country roads every second weekend to play away games.

“It’s mind boggling. On average it’s 397 kms one way to the eight towns in our competition. We usually leave home at 6am and get back after 10pm. After a 14 to 16 hour day, you’re tired, especially as we go out west for the game and drive back in the east, getting the sun in both directions.

“There’s always a chance there’ll be kangaroos on the road, or goats or pigs,” added Chris.

He says that the club pushes hard for people to get on the hired bus, as this drops the risk factors.

“It’s a good team environment as opposed to driving to games in a packed car.”

Cobar Roosters team looks out for each other

Chris says that all the travel around western NSW creates close relationships within the club. It means that people look out for one and another on the roads. Awareness about risks has increased, especially after a neighbouring club lost one of their members in a road accident.

With recent COVID restrictions, the club hasn’t been able to take buses. Instead, they organised carpools to games with stops along the way.

The Roosters also have measures in place to keep members safe on the roads after practice or a big event.

“Cars sleep over at the club and get locked in at times,” said Chris. “Our major sponsor, the Cobar Bowls and Golf Club, runs a courtesy bus from the clubhouse around town.”

Good Sports provides knowledge

Chris says that the key benefit from joining Good Sports is the knowledge and information.

“It’s all in a central hub rather than having to search for it. There’s help to get everything a club needs and we know what we should be working towards.

“Most clubs run off the back of four or five people and there’s a lot of red tape that can scare volunteers away. Good Sports is helping us get our policy together, including our Safe Transport Plan.”

Chris’ tip to other Good Sports Clubs is to investigate funding from their sports league or the government for a bus to make club transport safe.

The Roosters will use their prize money to upgrade their clubrooms.

Image courtesy of The Cobar Weekly

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