12th May, 2021 — Road safety

Road safety starts at your club’s door

Every community sports club is different. But there’s one thing they all have in common – good old Aussie ingenuity.

Coaching the teams, rostering officials, paying the bills. There’s a lot to think through. And there’s nothing more welcome than a fresh idea to solve a thorny problem.

After a long day of competing and a few hours of socialising, keeping members safe on their journey home is right on the top of that list.

In the spirit of never hogging good ideas, we’re sharing some of the clever ways clubs just like yours are looking after their members. Give them a go!

  • Numbers’ game: Plan ahead to make sure you know how many members and guests will likely need special help getting home.
  • Taxi! Make sure you have the numbers of ride share and taxi companies displayed prominently. Encourage members to install an app on their phone.
  • Designated drivers: Not drinking is the new black. Supply free non-alcoholic drinks and a feed for members who are happy to get their mates home safely.
  • Home comforts: Create a club registry of nearby members who are willing to lend a spare bedroom or sofa so players and guests can land safely.
  • Sleepovers: Rapid Bay Cricket Club is on a winner with its club swags. Members who drive a long way to play are welcome to doss down in the clubrooms in a cosy sleeping bag.
  • Member benefits: Do a special deal with a local hotel or motel for one-night stays for weary club members.
  • Starry nights: Talk to the local caravan park. Negotiate a cheap rate for members to pitch a tent or hire a caravan for the night.
  • Board the bus: Bute Footy Club in rural SA has been moved by tragedy and takes no chances with road safety. They fundraised and now have their own 22-seater bus that picks up and drops off players, so they can socialise safely after the game.
  • Friendly farmers: When fundraising for safe transport projects, think about partnering with local producers. Bute has its own land holding that members sow and crop for free, donating the profits to the club. Maybe invest in a cow or two - your local farmer might fatten them up and hand over a tidy profit.
  • Chop, chop: Splitting timber for firewood to sell in the Pyramid Hill community has been a big help with fundraising for the football/netball team bus. It was a big investment, but worth its weight in gold when it comes to dropping members at their door.
  • Say it loud: Regularly promote all these things on your club’s social media. Drive the safe transport message home especially ahead of major events. There are also great messages on the TAC Towards Zero website you can use on your social media. Just like Pyramid Hill Football Netball Club does, post them with a photo of your players so the message hits home.

We know your club cares about its members. They’re your families and your friends. To keep them safe after the game, our Good Sports easy-to-use online program will guide you every step of the way.

Our Good Sports staff are ready to talk you through any questions you might have. And it’s free. Give it a go.

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