5th January, 2021 — Drugs

Responding to drugs in your club

If an incident involving drugs happens at your club, you need to be confident there is a plan in place to deal with it.

Sporting clubs are just a snapshot of society and illegal drug use can impact on any community. Even if your club has never had an issue with drugs, it will put your mind at ease to be prepared if an issue were to occur.

Being prepared is half the battle won. Include a section on illegal drugs in your policy and make sure senior members know what to do.

Your policy doubles as an action plan that will:

  • Set clear standards for expected behaviour
  • Help to prepare your club for a potential incident
  • Provide clear guidelines on how your club will respond to a drug-related issue in a fair and proper manner
  • Show your club is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment.

In an emergency dial 000

Always focus first on the safety and welfare of those involved. Calmly assess the situation.

If it is an emergency call 000. You will be asked to state your exact location and whether you need Police, Fire or Ambulance.

You should only call 000 when:

  • Someone is seriously injured or needs urgent medical help
  • Life or property is being threatened
  • You have just witnessed a serious accident or crime.

Ask others around you for help, you don’t need to do this on your own. You might want to contact the person’s emergency contact, parent or guardian to let them know what is happening.

If an ambulance is not needed, ensure the person is ok. They may still need to be checked by a doctor or require safe transport home.

Investigate and record

Once those involved are safe and everyone has taken a breath, a club official should record the incident in the club register. Make sure the information is kept secure and does not breach privacy.

Now is also the best time to begin talking to witnesses and others. It is important to quickly but accurately find out the facts surrounding the incident. Be fair and discreet.

Get advice, take action

Senior club officials should now move forward in a positive way, looking at lessons learned and preventative steps. It can also help to get expert advice from local services including your Good Sports team member.

What steps are taken next will depend on the situation and the guiding principles set out in the club’s policy.

Instant response poster

In the heat of the moment, the best laid plans can get thrown out of the window.

Good Sports has developed this simple poster for you to print out and post on the noticeboard at your club.

It will give you the prompts you need to put your action plan to work the moment it is needed.

We have also provided an extended version to give clubs more detailed guidance on how to respond if drug-related incidents happen on home turf.

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