24th June, 2021 — Road safety

The Rebels are right on the roads

There’s no room for misunderstandings when it comes to road safety at South Grafton Rebels.

The regional NSW rugby league club has a healthy membership across all ages. It wants things to stay that way.

So, if a player is caught doing the wrong thing on the roads, it’s a swift kick into the sin bin.

Rebels president Brendan Breitnauer says preventing drink-driving is a strong focus at the club this year.

“We don’t condone drink driving in any way, shape or form,” says Brendan. “We make it clear to everyone. We’ve made players accountable already.”

Family-focused at the South Grafton Rebels

Make no mistake, the Rebels are competitive, but they’re also strongly community-focused and a family-friendly club.

“We’ve all got families, we bring them to the games, to the training. We’re all close, we’re very good friends,” Brendan says.

“Making sure that everyone’s wellbeing is looked after. Whether you’re playing the game or a spectator or if you’re involved around the club, everyone’s well respected.”

While people will always be responsible for their own behaviour, the club tries to influence that behaviour in a positive way. Keeping alcohol firmly in the background is part of the plan.

That’s why the Rebels don’t go out to a pub or licensed venue after their games. Instead, they hold their presentations at their home ground - with minimal alcohol and plenty of food. Then they sit back together to watch the NRL match on the big screen TV.

There’s no better place to be.

“A hundred percent,” says Brendan. “The guys love it.”

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Road safety