13th April, 2021 — Road safety

Rapid Bay Cricket keeping members safe on the roads

Rapid Bay Cricket Club is a small club in a tiny town - population, about 14. People come from far and wide to play cricket here...

Rapid Bay is well known for its fishing. But new cricket club president Stephen Gardner says the club’s drawing power is all about the views. And thanks to its new Good Sports safe transport plan, players can even spend the night.

Stephen has a word of support for other clubs who might worry that safe transport is too hard to get sorted.

“lt’s actually about looking after your members. The big thing I keep pushing to the guys is that it’s all about looking after children … and the other members that are in your care.”

“Once you start the process, it’s actually quite easy to get your head around. Give it a crack and try to get your club moving forward,” said Stephen.

Beautiful views at Rapid Bay Cricket

“I think the oval is one of the most picturesque ovals in South Australia, if not the whole of Australia,” Stephen said. There’s a sweeping view of the ocean at one end, and the steep hills behind. And players spread word to their cricketing mates that the oval is always kept in tip-top condition.

With just three teams – one junior and two seniors – the fun-loving members take match days seriously. And they always like to socialise afterwards.

Members drive in from places like Victor Harbor, Yankalilla and Noarlunga. These are up to an hour away on dark country roads. It means there’s a big need to travel safely.

Culture change at the club

Good Sports has helped Rapid Bay Cricket to shift their attitudes towards alcohol.

“In the past there’s been a big drinking culture in the club,” Stephen said. “We were worried that guys might be heading home with too much alcohol in their system.”

But change wasn’t fast or easy. Past president Murph works in the safety-conscious mining and construction sector. He felt strongly about the safety of club members of all ages. He had the strong support of a group of members, who kept pushing forward through the challenges.

When talking to club members that weren’t yet focused on transport safety, Stephen said coming at it from a caring angle was important.

“It was about us putting a bit of responsibility on them as mates. Saying: you need to get home safely. And make sure you’re not putting yourself or anyone else at risk.”

Safety pays off as a new sponsorship

Perseverance paid off. Rapid Bay Cricket added a safe transport plan as part of their Good Sports policy. Members are on board and still enjoy their cricket, the views and a drink afterward.

And, yes, they can even spend the night. There aren’t any Ubers in this part of the world, so the club organises designated drivers. They even have swags for members to sleep over if they have had too much to drink.

Better still, with a dash of entrepreneurial flair, the cricket club has organised a sponsorship agreement and half-price deal with the local camping ground.

Now members and visiting teams can spend a big day out at Rapid Bay. They don’t have to worry about driving home along those dark and winding roads.

This is why the Partnership we have with THINK! Road Safety is so important. Think! Road Safety is a South Australian Government initiative working to remind all South Australians that road trauma can be avoided when everyone thinks about their own behavior when driving, riding, or walking.

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