1st June, 2021 — Road safety

Prospect District Pirates are transport safe and proud

Prospect District Cricket Club are proud of their club history. They’ve competed in the South Australian Cricket League for nearly a century. The club were also proud runners-up in the 2019 Good Sports Awards Road Safety Category.

“Our club has included many international and state representatives over the years. Like many community cricket clubs, we’re creating pathways for future champions,” says Club President Dave Callan.

“We also recognise that our playing group of young men are statistically most at risk of harms, including accidents on our roads. We have a duty, particularly among senior members, to provide guidance and advice to keep our players safe.”

Promoting safe transport

The Pirates have several strategies to reduce the risk of road accidents among their players. These include encouraging players to travel together and a free call service for taxis with numbers clearly displayed. It also includes free club transport and free non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers.

The club see their Good Sports safe transport plan as an effective way to deliver road safety messages. They display it in their bar, in their players' handbook and promoting it on their website, annual report and newsletters. The club also regularly post safe transport reminders on their social media pages, particularly prior to match days.

“We also strongly discourage the use of mobile phones and devices on match days”, adds Dave. “Not only during playing time but also before and after matches, so that players don’t get distracted. They can focus on supporting their teammates and getting to and from matches safely.”

A positive outlook at Prospect District Cricket Club

Despite a few setbacks in 2020 because of COVID, Dave is positive about the club’s future. “Fortunately, we’re in a good position financially. We’re also encouraging our members to continue supporting the local businesses that have sponsored the club. We want to show our gratitude during tough times for them.”

“But overall, I’m really proud of how supportive our club community has been. We really focus on everybody’s wellbeing and safety here. That certainly shines through in the way our members have responded to the current health crisis.”

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