17th March, 2022 — Club culture

Perth Broncos bringing people together

If you’re after inspiration to take your club to the next level, look no further than the Perth Broncos American Football Club.

This American gridiron football club in Western Australia leads by example in its community, league and amongst other local sports clubs.

Scott Smith, the club’s chairperson, says the club’s unofficial motto is 'GSD' - get stuff done!

Scott explained that Good Sports has helped the Broncos to be leaders in inclusion and innovation in community sport.

Benefits to the Broncos since joining Good Sports

Scott says the club initially joined to access support and resources for its volunteers.

“Since then, we've discovered that Good Sports provides more than just templates and programs. The education and policies have helped lay the foundation for governance and procedures.

“By staying up to date with best practices and compliance, especially around our approach to alcohol, we continue to shift further away from the traditional male-dominated club culture.”

“Profits from fundraising and sponsorships have helped reduce fees, upgrade equipment, subsidise childcare and improve coaching standards.”

Overall, the Broncos has increased its membership, programs and reputation. More women, LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse individuals are now on board.

Positively impacting the local community

The club prides itself on being a safe, welcoming, and inclusive place to learn American football as well as enjoy family friendly social events and hobby groups outside of sport.

Off the field, the club’s focus is on mental health and staying connected. Players attend workshops and leaders are upskilled in mental health first aid.

Matches raise awareness and funds for underrepresented groups. The club partners with local businesses for supplies and services.

The champion volunteer

Embodying the club’s values is Communications Director Laura Ng, this year’s runner up for the Good Sports WA State Club Volunteer of the Year.

Through conversation and education, Laura has championed equity and diversity within the club.

She’s introduced an alumni program, put in place financial systems and used her marketing skills to promote the club to a wide audience.

Scott says that Laura’s work means the club’s history will not be forgotten with its future based on strong foundations and core values.

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Club culture