24th February, 2021 — Good Sports awards

Pakenham Eels volunteer crowned Champion of the Year

Pakenham Eels Rugby League Club and Touch Association is a proud club this week. Their star volunteer Toloula Pula is the winner of the 2020 Good Sports Club Champion Award.  The club is based outside of Melbourne and is a close-knit community.

Toloula was chosen as the Good Sports Club Champion of the Year for making her community sporting club stronger and more family-friendly by going above and beyond the usual undertakings of a volunteer.

“Toloula, affectionally known as just T, is a vital part of our club tapestry. She is both our Treasurer and Mental Health First Aid Officer. She is the first person that is introduced to new families and welcomes them into our club with her warm personality,” said Club President, Jason Buchanan.

Bringing people together at Pakenham Eels

“One of her biggest achievements is the way she has brought together the women in our club. She saw that the important role that the mothers at our club played was often overlooked. In response, Toloula has created social groups for these women to come together. It gives them a sense that they are more than just as a volunteer,” Jason explained.

“Our club is a place where they belong and T has given them an opportunity to connect with other women that have plenty more in common than just rugby league.”

Pakenham Eels Rugby Club has reached the second highest level of the Good Sports program, implementing policies around alcohol management, tobacco and safe transport.

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Good Sports Awards! Entry is easy, find out more.

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Good Sports awards