4th May, 2023 — Road safety

Buses help Orange United hit the road safely

Getting home safely from games is a community effort for the Orange United Sports Club Inc. in regional New South Wales.

Katrina Hausia, the club’s President, says that the Good Sports club uses its local contacts and partnerships to provide buses for members and their guests.

This National Road Safety Week in May, Orange United is encouraging other clubs to sign up for Good Sports and put in place practices that reduce the risk of drink driving.

“It’s important that sponsors and the general public see your club as responsible and that you provide a safe passage home,” said Katrina.

All aboard at Orange United

Orange United doesn’t supply alcohol at the club and has some strategies in place to reduce the risk of members driving while fatigued.

The Orange Local Aboriginal Land Council provides its 12-seater bus free of charge to the club, which the club uses to get people home after local games and events. Orange City Council has also supported the club from its beginning in 2014.

For away games, the club hires its own buses and stipulates that players must travel on the bus if they want to play on the day.

“The club is one big family and it’s important to show that our members are looked after both on and off the field.”

Encouraging people to get involved

Orange United aims to assist low income Indigenous and non-Indigenous families and young people to access mainstream sport. It has grown to nearly 400 members and operates across six different sporting codes – rugby league, netball, basketball, touch football, soccer and hockey.

“It’s a place where anyone can come and join in on the fitness fun,” says Katrina. “We use sport as a platform to encourage people to feel that they are an accepted part of the local community. We’ll do any sport that families would like to try and have just started a junior club with one team.”

Katrina says that Good Sports is like a security blanket for the club.

“We’re proud to be a Gold Medal accredited Good Sports club. It’s a valuable asset to have and the club has used the resources and knowledge about safe transport policies and practices.

“Our case manager is exceptional. If ever we have an issue we call - it’s not just about getting access to resources, but also to good advice.”

In New South Wales, Good Sports is funded by the NSW Government through Transport for NSW from the Community Road Safety Fund.

Good Sports’ free safe transport resources can help you in putting together safe transport practices for your club.

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