29th March, 2022 — Good Sports awards

Umina United SC crowned NSW sporting stars

Umina United Soccer Club was crowned New South Wales Good Sports Club of the Year for mentoring and role-modelling healthy behaviours in junior members, implementing clear alcohol policies and being a sporting home for people new to Umina.

Umina is a "commuter" community, being 90 km north of Sydney on the Central Coast, so a lot of people spend time travelling to and from the city for work.

The club has given a lot of the newly-arrived families a community to be a part of that makes them feel welcome in their new home.

“We make sure that our functions, games and events take into consideration the commuter timetable and this ensures members will always be available and have access to the club. We have members from the ages of 5 to 60 who all feel a part of it,” said club Treasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator Gavin Robinson.

All ages welcome at Umina United SC

Bringing up the younger generations of football players is important to the Umina Eagles. Mentoring is a way that they can share connection and friendships across age groups.

“We have encouraged many of our older club members to become club mentors as part of our junior development and recruitment plans. This has seen our junior membership numbers grow in the last three years especially, since we’ve joined Good Sports,” said Gavin.

The club also provides safe and responsible events when alcohol is served, having created their policy with Good Sports. Umina Eagles have always prided themselves on being a family-friendly club but their Good Sports accreditation has seen them increase the activities which involve families of players.

They’ve also attracted more lucrative and appropriate sponsors since becoming a Good Sports club.

The Good Sports Awards are the ultimate trophy for any Good Sports club, paying tribute to the heart and soul of community sporting clubs – no matter their size or sporting code.

Hosted by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation in Melbourne in March 2022, the Awards ceremony recognised Good Sports clubs and their dedicated volunteers from across the country who are passionate about community, their members and making their club the very best it can be.

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Good Sports awards