27th May, 2021 — Membership and management

Junior Olympia Football Club Warriors scoring goals

Building a strong junior team is the key to the future success of Hobart’s Olympia Football Club Warriors.

With a proud 60-year history, this Good Sports club now has teams in all junior divisions and had 45 new players come on board last year. The Olympia Warriors is a professional association football club which plays in the National Premier Leagues Tasmania with men’s and women's teams, on top of their junior competition. 

For Sarah Black, the club’s general manager, it’s been a family affair with her kids having played for many years. She’s not only excited about the club’s Youth Academy which is producing excellent players but also the club’s wider community link.  

“We’re very proud of our juniors who aspire to play at the highest level possible. For us the club is not just about football, it’s also about being a good person and giving back to the community. For instance, we run Responsible Serving of Alcohol courses for the older teens.”

The club gained its Good Sports accreditation and plans to send several people to a Responsible Serving of Alcohol course. They’ll also develop plans to improve healthy eating by its young members.

Olympia Football Club Warriors members’ wellbeing a top priority

Sarah said that the club is keen to progress with Good Sports and work towards the highest level of accreditation.

“The health and wellness of our members is important. We want to start focusing on mental health as it is becoming a more prevalent issue. We need to look after our players, they spend such a lot of time with us.”

Sarah praised the Good Sports resources which she said are fantastic to have around the club. 

“The posters and signage make us look professional and also let parents know we are doing the right thing for their kids.”

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Membership and management