15th March, 2022 — Good Sports awards

Goodwood Saints FC are mental health champs

Goodwood Saints Football Club has won the Good Sports 2021 Mental Health Award for their commitment to promoting mental health awareness and the positive culture change their activities have inspired.

Hosted by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation in Melbourne in March 2022, the Awards ceremony recognised Good Sports clubs and their dedicated volunteers from across the country who are passionate about community, their members and making their club the very best it can be.

Goodwood Saints Football Club receives $1,000 for consistently supporting their members through their expanding ‘Saints Healthy Minds’ program, assisting senior club members in identifying issues and linking players with a mental health coach or psychologist.

Supporting members on and off the field

As the last two years have been particularly trying on members’ mental health, Goodwood Saints FC knows just how important it is to support each other.

“Good Sports has helped us create an environment where mental health can be spoken about in an open, safe and non-judgemental way,” said Club President Craig Scott.

“Winning the Good Sports Mental Health Award and seeing these discussions being normalised at the Goodwood Saints Football Club shows us our commitment to looking after our members both physically and mentally is paying off.”

Goodwood Saints were crowned Junior Club of the Year in 2021, making this their second Good Sports Awards win.

A big congratulations to this champion club!

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