24th February, 2021 — Good Sports awards

Goodwood Saints a home for juniors

Goodwood Saints Football Club was chosen as the Good Sports Junior Club of the Year. The Adelaide legends make sure their club is a safer place for youngsters to play sport. They’ve focused on spectator behaviour, nutrition, a smoke-free environment and alcohol management. Go Saints!

“We have 14 boys' and girls' junior sides so it’s incredibly important to us to create a safe and enjoyable facility for players, parents and supporters. We’ve been able to achieve this with the help of the Good Sports program,” said Club President, Craig Scott.

Parents getting involved at Goodwood Saints

We all know parents and guardians are important part of kids’ sporting lives. Their support means the world. It’s great to see more adults getting on board with the benefits of Good Sports. They can see that it’s beneficial for their children to be involved with something positive like footy. While also knowing they’ll have responsible older role models at the club.

“Perhaps the most significant change we have noticed is the acknowledgment from parents who are aware of what the committee is striving to achieve. The notices around the club, the signage stating we are an accredited Good Sports club and the changes they have seen in regards to our all-round support of players,” Craig said.

Goodwood Saints Football Club has reached the highest level of the Good Sports program, implementing policies around alcohol management, tobacco and safe transport. It is also committed to providing a positive and supportive environment for their junior players and has developed an illegal drugs policy.

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Good Sports Awards! Entry is easy, find out more.

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Good Sports awards