28th June, 2021 — Good Sports

On the ball with the Good Sports portal

After 20 years of supporting strong community sporting clubs across Australia, Good Sports has created a new-and-improved version of the program that’s all online. The easy-to-navigate Good Sports portal has all the resources clubs need to take the guesswork out complying with legal requirements, creating a club policy and keeping members safe.

It’s no surprise that running a successful local sporting club takes work. From operational decisions to maintenance around the club, club committee members (who are usually volunteers) have a lot on their plate.

So, when it comes to setting club policies, maintaining your accreditation, or becoming a Gold Medal Good Sports club, we get it – sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in a day.

This is why Good Sports has taken all the proven elements of the program and moved it online - making it even more relevant, accessible, and convenient for clubs.

Whether you’re a new Good Sports club or a seasoned veteran, staying up to date with your Good Sports accreditation has never been easier.

What clubs are saying

Clubs who have trialled the new system said it was clear what was expected from them and easy to find more information. On top of this, having multiple logins for different committee members also meant signing their policy quickly.

They also loved that they only had to complete actions that were actually relevant to their club.

East Gambier Sportsmens Club from SA says, "The new online portal is excellent and will make life easier for all as it can be accessed by all club members if we so wished."

And Brothers Penrith Junior Rugby League Club Inc. from NSW are now back to being an accredited club, thanks to the Good Sports portal.

“We let our accreditation lapse as we felt the old system was irrelevant to our club. We were extremely happy to complete the questionnaire as it’s now more relevant to us.”

What to expect from the Good Sports portal

  • All Good Sports info and resources in one spot
  • Simple questionnaire creates an easy action plan so your club’s accreditation progress stays up to date
  • Mental health module available to all clubs for the first time
  • Handy notifications and progress bars let committee members know when actions are due
  • Multiple logins so all committee members can access the portal
  • Log in on a phone, tablet or computer - anytime, anywhere.
Good Sports portal starting question

How to log on

Step 1: Go to goodsports.com.au and navigate to ‘login’

Step 2: Register and verify club details to create an account

Step 3: Confirm your email address, and you’ll be sent back to the portal to select your club

Step 4: Add in your position at the club.

And that’s it, you’re in!

Even though everything’s online now, it doesn’t mean clubs will be on their own. Real-life Good Sports reps are still on hand to help with any queries.

As an added bonus, clubs will receive a $75 credit when they become accredited through the online portal and $100 credit when they become a Gold Medal Good Sports club to use at the Good Sports merch store.

So, what’re you waiting for? Log in to the Good Sports portal today!

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