24th February, 2021 — Good Sports awards

Enfield Community CC: 2020 Good Sports Club of the Year

The star of 2020 is Enfield Community Cricket Club from Adelaide, who hit a six when they were crowned Good Sports Club of the Year and won $1000 prize money to boot. This committed club has reached the highest level of the program, with a policy covering alcohol management, tobacco and safe transport. They make an effort to ensure everyone feels included, and kept their members connected during COVID-19 restrictions.

Champions for change at Enfield Community CC

Club Chairman Matthew Bedgegood said Good Sports has really helped the club to evolve into the inclusive and welcoming club it is today.  The club is committed to Good Sports, but firstly, to their members. It’s in the name – at Enfield Community CC they know the power of sport for bringing a community together.

“We wanted to actively make a positive change, to grow, be more inclusive and promote the game of cricket as well as the many benefits of playing sport. We needed help to do this, and the resources and ideas which Good Sports gave us the guidance we needed,” Matthew said.

Making everyone feel welcome

Additionally, the club has developed initiatives to make people feel welcome including their ‘Multi-Cultural Pop-Up Program’ aimed at engaging people in the community from different cultural backgrounds. During the season, the club acknowledges a range of significant dates including NAIDOC Week, Diwali, Christmas. They recently participated in a club-wide Reconciliation round.

“I'm proud that we have become a club that has great diversity, inclusion with a strong focus on being a family orientated club. Good Sports changed our club for the better, and we are growing as a result,” Matthew  said.

During the COVID-19 lockdowns, the Enfield United Community Cricket Club didn’t give up on their members. They kept everyone engaged and fit by providing their junior participants with skills programs they could complete at home with limited equipment. They also regularly updated their members through social media, emails and text messages. Building a community takes work, and this club knows how to do it.

Nominations are now open for the 2021 Good Sports Awards! Entry is easy, find out more.

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