6th May, 2022 — Road safety

East Torrens getting the team home safely

Community sporting clubs are hit hard when a member’s life is lost on the road.

In recent years, the East Torrens Baseball Club has been affected not once, but twice by road trauma.

This National Road Safety Week the club is sharing its story to encourage others to make safe decisions on the roads.

Road trauma affects everyone

The club’s Secretary, Angela Probert, says the club’s significant loss has impacted everyone deeply.

“Two of our members were tragically killed in a car accident that orphaned two children and made headlines due to the horrific circumstance. The other was when one of our teens was killed in a pedestrian accident not far from our clubhouse.

“Our responsibility to maintain a safe, caring environment has extended to the men, players and children who shared their lives with the lost members, honouring them and their families and continuing to support the grieving process of teammates.”

With players and supporters travelling many kilometers for games, training or club events, Angela says that the club is passionate about road safety.

East Torrens Baseball Club’s safe transport plan

“The club’s commitment to keeping people safe is a simple one, with three key actions.

“First, we have an Executive Member present that remains alcohol-free and responsible for an event. Second, our Head D1 Coach most often drives some of the last remaining members home, or sees to them being safe in either not driving or taking a taxi/Uber. Third, we ensure there is always responsible service of alcohol at all events, providing food and water.

“We’re a family-friendly club promoting junior development programs as well as senior social baseball. Good Sports provides a safety net for our community in knowing that we uphold the Good Sports standard.”

East Torrens has been called the "beating heart" of the community for its support to members. These legends are a deserved winner of the 2021 Good Sports SA Club of the Year award.

In South Australia, the Good Sports program is a partner of the South Australian Government through the THINK! Road Safety initiative, working to remind all South Australians that road trauma can be prevented when everyone thinks about their own behaviour when driving, riding, or walking.

Visit the Think! Road Safety website

Check out more Good Sports safe transport resources.

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