26th May, 2021 — Good Sports

Feeling fit at Brighton Bowling Club

We could list off all the benefits of joining Good Sports but Brighton Bowling Club manager Phil Kelly doesn’t need any convincing.

Coming from another suburban club that saw immediate and lasting results, one of Phil’s first tasks was to sign the Brighton Bowling up to Good Sports.

“We really want to attract the local community and families in, so that will make sure everybody can have a good experience when they come here,” Phil said.

“Being associated with Good Sports brings a great reputation. If people know anything about Good Sports, they know we’ve got a drug and alcohol policy.”

“It’s about people wanting to come back and feeling safe and having fun. That’s the message I want to get out about this club.”

Great club facilities for all

Despite being nestled in a prestigious seaside suburb just 12 km from the Melbourne CBD, Phil reckons the bowls club is one of the area’s best kept secrets.

With a roof to protect members from sun and rain, the air-conditioned hub is set in park-like grounds and has facilities to host meetings and events. Phil even his eyes on outdoor films for the kids in the future. 

While some people want a social experience and a casual barefoot playing atmosphere, others are keen competitors who don’t want to muck around. Phil’s job is to bring the best of everything together, and he knows Good Sports can help.

Healthier and happier members at the Brighton Bowling Club

Good Sports offers free tools and materials to guide the club and its members toward healthier and inclusive behavior. 

“Everybody needs to be active and get some exercise for at least half an hour a day, so if you can play bowls … I’ve played against people from eight years old to 105,” Phil said. “The spread of people that can play this game is absolutely enormous.”

Even the humble Good Sports bar mats help promote smarter drinking habits. 

“A lot of people don’t understand how much they’re drinking. The alcohol content in a lot of the drinks surprises people. For instance, a standard pot is more than one [standard] drink. They think they’re having one drink and they’re not.” 

“We have a duty of care to look after the people in the venue. I like the fact that Good Sports are promoting that and they’re on our side.”

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