25th February, 2022 — Good Sports

Beyond the Club podcast

Good Sports is excited to share a podcast, produced especially for South Australian community sporting clubs.

Hosted by a former cricketer and backed by the best sport research, this is a must-listen for all community clubs.

Podcast addresses the many challenges for sports clubs

Beyond the Club is co-hosted by former cricketer and coach-turned-journalist Ben Hook, alongside Dr Sam Elliott, researcher and lecturer in youth sport at Flinders University.

The podcast aims to support community sporting clubs with solutions to the many challenges experienced within community sport by administration, volunteers, coaches, parents, umpires and players.

Each episode, the podcast will explore sport research that is directly relevant to community clubs.

Topics will include strategies for clubs to bounce back from the global pandemic, through to current research advice about improving mental health fitness among youth sport participants.

Where do I listen to Beyond the Club?

Beyond the Club is streaming on Spotify or Apple:

You can also find more information on the podcast’s social media pages:

Beyond the Club is funded by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, in partnership with Flinders’ SHAPE Research Centre, C2M Marketing, the Sammy D Foundation and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

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