15th March, 2022 — Good Sports awards

Beechworth Dragon Boat Club wins New Club of the Year

The Good Sports 2021 New Club of the Year is Beechworth Dragon Boat Club! They won the award for their commitment to building a healthier, family-friendly club environment where everyone feels welcome from day one.

Beechworth Dragon Boat Club receives $1,000 for championing and implementing Good Sports policies that encourage inclusiveness, safety and connectedness from the moment the club was established in June 2021.

“Good Sports has been instrumental in getting Beechworth Dragon Boat Club off the ground, setting us up with a solid foundation as we recruit new members and expand,” said Club Secretary Christine Gabriel.

“We’ve made great progress in our first year and winning the New Club of the Year Award motivates us to continue creating a welcoming club that is diverse and a positive influence on the community.”

Beechworth Dragon Boat Club paddling upstream

The club itself is very new, having just started in 2021. Permission has been granted by the Indigo Shire Council for the club to paddle on Lake Sambell, Beechworth.

It’s been 37 years since there has been an active water sport on Lake Sambell and the club is receiving enthusiastic support from the local community. There are currently over 43 regular paddlers.

Christine has been very pleased with the club’s progress as they’ve become established, and how they have continued to grow since joining Good Sports.

“The benefits from joining Good Sports include an enhanced team spirit, development of new social skills, and new friendships formed as a welcoming environment is created,” she said.

The Good Sports Awards are the ultimate trophy for any Good Sports club, paying tribute to the heart and soul of community sporting clubs – no matter their size or sporting code.

Hosted by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation in Melbourne in March 2022, the Awards ceremony recognised Good Sports clubs and their dedicated volunteers from across the country who are passionate about community, their members and making their club the very best it can be.

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Good Sports awards