26th May, 2021 — Drugs

Banyule Junior Football Club gets proactive with illegal drugs plan

For Club President Rod Ebbage, Banyule Junior Football Club is a reflection of the broader community and the impact that illegal drugs can have. Meaning no club is an exception and alcohol and other drug harms could touch anyone.

“Whether you’re in footy or another sport, the sport itself is one part and that’s what brings people together. We also feel a responsibility to develop and educate our members, so they can be a healthy, happy part of our community,” Rod explains.

Setting clear illegal drug guidelines at Banyule Junior Football Club

Rod felt it was important for his committee to invest time in having conversations around illegal drug issues. He suggested the club work towards adding an illegal drugs plan to their policy with help from the Good Sports team.

“I think it’s good to be proactive. We didn’t have any issues at the club, but you never know what’s around the corner, so it’s good to have some processes in place. If something does come up, you’re prepared.”

Banyule Junior Football Club now has an illegal drugs plan that sets clear guidelines on expected behaviours of their members and spectators, and educates them on how to respond to a potential illegal drug issue in a fair and appropriate way.  “It’s not a ‘big stick’ measure”, Rod explains. “It’s about helping people and getting them back on track.”

Good Sports is here to help

Rod says the resources Good Sports provided made the process of completing the club’s illegal drug plan easier and straightforward. “The templates are really helpful, so that makes it easier for clubs to put it all together.”

After presenting the plan at a committee meeting, Rod was given the go-ahead. “We discussed and finalised it. Then we let all our members know via e-mail that it was there and we had it in place.  I reckon our turnaround time was around 5-6 weeks and then we were ready to go.”

The club’s response to the plan has been overwhelmingly positive since it’s been put in place. Rod says his club “saw the value in it”, and is now better prepared to address illegal drug issues. He also encourages other clubs to follow Banyule’s lead in setting the standard high.

“Footy is only one small part of a club. Whether you’re in footy or another sport, the sport itself is one part and that’s what brings people together. But you’ve also got to look after your members.”

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