18th April, 2024

Tuross Head Tennis Club don’t get 'court' out on road safety

Situated just on the outskirts of Tuross Head in the NSW South Coast region, Tuross Head Tennis Club are proud role models of positive behaviour in their small community.

For National Road Safety Week this May, the Good Sports club is sharing its game plan for keeping safe on the roads.

Club President, Dean Malcolm, says the club’s culture of safety and respect encourages players, volunteers, and families to take responsibility for the safety of themselves and others both on and off the courts.

Rejecting alcohol-centric sport

“We’ve set-up an environment for our members that isn’t centred around alcohol, and this flows through to preventing related harms including road trauma,” Dean said.

“Our dry BBQ area for example, is an alcohol-free safe space for members of all ages to gather, have social events and spend time as a community.

“We don’t sell alcohol at the club and on the odd occasion someone brings their own, it’s one or two. Everyone is well aware of what is expected of them when it comes to responsible drinking.”

Safer events

For larger external events where alcohol is available, like the club’s annual Christmas party, courtesy buses are arranged to reduce the chance of anyone getting behind the wheel while over the limit.

“When alcohol is involved during our larger celebrations, there’s not much of it and it’s done responsibly,” Dean continued.

“Food is always available so that people aren’t drinking on an empty stomach, and we provide a courtesy bus to prevent any chance of drink driving.

“If needed, this arrangement can extend to include accommodation at local motels or caravan parks, ensuring safe travel is provided for the whole local area.”

Revenue collected through recycling

“We’re proud that all of our funds are raised through recycling cans and bottles, rather than profiting from alcohol consumption,” Dean said.

“This is just another way we demonstrate our commitment to role modelling healthy behaviours for our members, including junior players, and the wider community.”

Good Sports road safety practices

Tuross Head Tennis Club have implemented Good Sports safe transport policies which Dean says sets a great example not only for their members, but for other clubs they interact with.

Each Good Sports policy includes a number of practices from the Guide to Safe Transport which includes ideas such as a designated driver program, a call-service for taxis or free transport provided by the club.

In New South Wales, Good Sports is a partner of the NSW Government through Transport for NSW. The Good Sports program is funded under the Community Road Safety Fund and managed by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation.

Check out more Good Sports’ safe transport resources to help you put together safe transport practises for your club.

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