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Meet the Good Sports club on the rise and putting illegal drugs policy first

News & Events / Meet the Good Sports club on the rise and putting illegal drugs policy first

In their first year with Good Sports, Applecross Cricket Club have already reached Level 3 accreditation and are now implementing a Tackling Illegal Drugs policy. To say they are a Good Sports club on the rise is an understatement.

A cricket club with a proud history to uphold

Now in its 44th year, Applecross Cricket Club’s esteemed history began when friends from Western Australia’s Aquinas College (who’ve come to be known as the ‘Aquinas Old Boys’) started playing together outside of school and wanted to form an official club. Whilst most of the founding members have ‘pulled up stumps’, Club President Tristram Fletcher reveals one original ‘old boy’ now in his 60’s, still puts his hand up to play a game. This arguably symbolises the club’s longevity, and the commitment of its membership.

For Tristram, his love affair with cricket started when he first picked up a Kangaroo cricket bat. “I started when I was 6 years old, so I’ve been playing for 30 years”.

Though he’s been playing at Applecross for nearly two decades, Tristram’s history as a committee member is relatively short. Like their progress with the Good Sports program, the ascent to his current role as Club President has been equally as rapid. “About 3 years ago I became the club secretary. I’ve always been involved in some way. I’ve been captain for a lot of years, now I’ve been the President for the past two years. I thought it was time to help out”.

Currently sidelined as a player due to an unfortunate ligament injury, this has by no means prevented Tristram from taking action at Applecross. As Club President Tristram has been busy making his mark at this ever-expanding sporting organisation. “We’ve got 107 players this year, men and women’s teams…it’s quite a big club”.

How Applecross is tackling illegal drugs in their first year with the Good Sports program

For the short time Applecross Cricket Club has been part of the Good Sports Program, it’s been an overwhelmingly positive experience. “We had a lot of things in place already. It was just a matter of fine-tuning a few things”, Tristram says. When asked why his club decided to implement a Good Sports Tackling Illegal Drugs policy, Tristram says it was essentially to formalise existing illicit drug guidelines already in place. “It was more a matter of putting it out there to the members…we’ve always had some sort of support system in place”.

Tristram says the club’s Tackling Illegal Drug policy was a natural fit with other Good Sports policies for Safe Transport and Alcohol Management. “It makes you think more about how you do your functions and looking after people when they’re trying to get home.”

Why clubs should have a Tackling Illegal Drug policy – now and for the future

Tristram believes developing the Tackling Illegal Drugs policy was a fairly simple process overall, mentioning he was able to release and explain the nature of the Tackling Illegal Drugs policy to the members with relative ease. “We had a couple of meetings about it. It took a few hours to get everyone up to speed.” For Applecross Cricket Club, there’s a belief that their Tackling Illegal Drugs policy will be implemented for years to come. “20 people come and go every year. So you’ve got to keep on top of things to make sure everyone knows what the policies are.” Tristram is confident that Applecross is now better prepared to handle an illicit drug-related incident at the club should one arise. “It’s still a work in progress, we plan to build upon it into next season. That’s where we’ll really see the changes.”


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