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5 Tips to Secure Sponsorship

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Securing sponsorship dollars is important for any local sporting club; without generous volunteers and sponsors, many local clubs simply wouldn’t survive.

The tricky part? Getting sponsors on board takes work. For already time-poor volunteers, securing sponsorship deals is just another thing on the to do list.

These ideas are designed to help clubs think outside the box when it comes to seeking out and approaching sponsors, giving your club more time to focus on the fun stuff.


  1. Tap in to your club networks

Make life easier for yourself by capitalising on the contacts that you already have at the club. Whether it’s through a parent, player or fan, chances are there are small business owners already connected to the club.

Use social media or your club newsletter to shout-out to the club community. Be careful not to pressure members to support the club financially, instead remind them of the importance of sponsorship money and put the call out for any ideas or key contacts.


  1. Think more than just money

While not all companies will be able to donate cash to your club, some may be in a better position to donate goods or services.

Whether it be food for the canteen or a club event, movie tickets to award players on presentation night or a collection of sports apparel ahead of a new season, there are creative ways to save money and take the pressure off the club piggy bank.


  1. Work on your club’s community presence

A club that is an asset to the community is also an asset for any prospective sponsor. Businesses want bang for their buck and want to be associated with organisations that share their values and have strong reach in the community.

Local sporting clubs are the beating heart of many local communities. Make sure to flaunt this when approaching potential sponsors, placing emphasis on any community programs that the club runs, or your involvement with Good Sports.


  1. Offer incentives for businesses

Sweeten the deal when talking to potential sponsors by offering incentives and add-ons for businesses that commit to the club.

It might be as simple as a better-placed sign at the clubrooms, shout-outs on social media or an offer to spruik their business with a stall at home games. Advertising and building community good-will is important for local businesses and this may be just the difference you need to get them on board.


  1. Promote your success on and off the field

Getting your club’s name out their all year round will do wonders for your club’s public image in the local community and it’s also a great way to reward your sponsors.

Get in touch with local journalists to give them the heads up when you achieve something great on or off the field. Where possible, shout out some of your sponsors too. Social media is another great way to get the word out.


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