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5 Tips for Every Party Host

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Hosting an event can be stressful. From the invite list to the finger food, it can be easy to sweat on every little detail.

What hosts often forget is that most guests don’t think twice about the decorations or whether the dips are homemade or home brand; they just want to feel part of the fun.

Use these tips to help create a space where everyone feels included, and nobody needs to experience those post-party regrets.


  1. Make sure your space is comfortable for everyone

A big part of playing party host is helping guests to feel relaxed and welcome. You can do this by putting some time in to the space to create the best vibe for your specific event.

This might mean providing enough seating and thinking about the way groups might use the space. It could also mean curating the perfect playlist for your event and having tunes on before guests even arrive.


  1. Cater for all drinkers

Remember, not all people who drink consume alcohol. There are plenty of reasons why people at your party will choose to stick to the waters.

Cater to all tastes and include mocktails and non-alcoholic options at the bar. Budget running low? Jazz up some tap water with sliced cucumber or lemon.


  1. Don’t forget the food!

People love to eat food, in particular we love the sharing of food and the ritual of eating with friends and family.

Providing substantial food is an important responsibility of any party host. If you’re planning a party with alcohol, make sure you’re providing more than just a bowl of crisps. This will help to reduce intoxication among your guests and make for a much more memorable event. Remember, food doesn’t need to be fancy and it’s perfectly fine to ask guests to bring over a plate to share.


  1. It’s all in the planning

Putting in the time to let important people know about your party will go a long way in preventing any incidents once the big day comes around.

If you’re hosting a large house party in the evening, make sure you register it with your local police station who will help to keep an eye on things throughout the night. For any other large events, it’s a good idea to let your neighbours know at least a week in advance.


  1. Accept help when it’s offered

Depending on your personality it can sometimes be tough to accept help from others, but as a party host, it’s often a good idea to take help when you can get it. After all, many hands make light work.

Whether it’s an offer from somebody to bring a plate of food or provide some tables and chairs, or a helpful guest who can stack the dishwasher on the day of the event, it’s best to tackle the event as a team.

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