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5 Little Things You Can Do To Take The Lead

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Coach, parent, player or captain, anyone can be a leader at a local sporting club. Leadership doesn’t have to be a huge commitment. Great leaders will role-model the right behaviours in every day actions.

Use these ideas to get started and begin taking the lead for your club and community.

  1. Ask after a teammate. Leadership is looking after each other. If a teammate has missed a few training sessions, or seems a little down, let a trusted person at the club know.


  1. Be the designated driver. Whether driving to training, the big game or home from a club celebration, having a designated driver is important. Role-model the right behaviours, and help to keep yourself and your teammates safe by putting your hand up to be a responsible designated driver.


  1. Pick up rubbish post-game. It’s the little things that make great leaders at local clubs. Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on the committee or being a part of the on-field leadership group. Taking the lead can be as little as picking up rubbish after a match. Better yet, lead an emu parade and encourage others to get involved too.


  1. Ask, ‘how can I help?’ Local sporting clubs are almost always volunteer-led. Spread the load by asking committee members, captains and coaches how you can help. Make it easier by listing the times you are available, as well as any handy skills you might have, e.g. social media guru or canteen experience.


  1. Sign up for Good Sports. The Good Sports program supports local sporting clubs to role-model the right behaviour for the entire club community. Parent, coach, committee member or player, sign your club up today for the chance to win a club meet and greet with an Aussie sporting hero.



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