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Forestville Hockey Club - Good Sports SA Club of the Year

Forestville Hockey Club – Good Sports SA Club of the Year

News & Events / Forestville Hockey Club – Good Sports SA Club of the Year

Forestville Hockey Club has been crowned South Australia’s Good Sports Club of the Year.  They commit to being a stronger, healthier and more family-friendly club environment.

Fostering a healthy and inclusive culture

“The Good Sports Awards recognise outstanding local sports clubs, as well as the passionate people within these clubs, that are dedicated to fostering a healthy and inclusive culture for their members and guests,” said Federal Sports Minister, Senator Bridget McKenzie.

Forestville Hockey Club has reached the highest level of the Good Sports program. They’ve implemented policies around alcohol, tobacco and safe transport. The club also prides itself on being an inclusive club, which promotes healthy food options.

“We consider the principles and values of Good Sports to be a good match”, Club Secretary Kathryn Frith said. Kathryn’s proud to say they’re now becoming the club they were always striving to be.

“Forestville Hockey Club is a true local leader”

The Alcohol and Drug Foundation, which manages the Good Sports program, praised Forestville Hockey Club, calling the club a community champion.

“Forestville Hockey Club is a true local leader. Therefore the club should feel incredibly proud of its efforts in building a stronger and more connected community,” Alcohol and Drug Foundation Chief Executive Officer Dr Erin Lalor said.

In South Australia, Good Sports is funded by Australian Government, the South Australian Government and the SA Motor Accident Commission and is home to more than 1,100 Good Sports clubs.

“Community sporting clubs are becoming healthier and more family-friendly through Good Sports. Because of this, we invite more clubs to join the program, so they too can benefit,” Dr Lalor said.

“We know running a community sporting club is hard work. That’s why the Good Sports team commit to guiding clubs through the Good Sports program”, Dr Lalor added.


You can find out more information about the Good Sports here or find us on Twitter and Facebook.


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