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Dawn Likouresis is our 2018 Good Sports Club Champion of the Year.

2018 Good Sports Awards: Club Champion of the Year

News & Events / 2018 Good Sports Awards: Club Champion of the Year

Dawn Likouresis is our 2018 Good Sports Club Champion of the Year.

Dawn Likouresis is known by many names — mum, aunty, Nana Dawn, but as President of the Lakeyres Sporting Group, she is “The Boss”. She has made the most extraordinary difference to the lives of young people in her community. It is for that reason that Dawn is our 2018 Good Sports Club Champion of the Year.

To her daughter and Club Secretary Leilamarie, Dawn’s compassion for others is what sets her apart. “Mum is a leader in the community with a heart that beats for all youth — our house has always been a safe haven for children to come and stay and eat at,” she says.

“She sees sports as a way to build social skills and nurture emotional wellbeing. Driven by the confidence that sport can build in the youth, mum continues to go over and beyond the usual undertakings of a volunteer every year.”

Dawn and the New Era: Nurturing the Future of Lakeeyres Sporting Club

Despite calling Coober Pedy home, Dawn has made Lakeyres Sporting Club her focus. Dawn travels for more than 5.5 hours to donate her time to the Lakeyres Sporting Club in Port Augusta. The club started out as a football club but now includes basketball, netball, soccer, softball and golf. Membership is predominantly made up of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people, but Dawn’s policy is that anyone and everyone who wants to play can become a member.

“Dawn’s motivation has been her deep desire to break the vicious cycle of depression and despair amongst Aboriginal youth, that all too often leads to self-harm and suicide,” says Dr Chris Giles.
“Organising so many teams and so many young people on a completely voluntary basis is a big responsibility, but it is here that Dawn’s nurturing and caring nature is evident as she considers them all “her kids”. No effort is too much for her when it comes to helping and encouraging each and every one of them.

“Dawn says the feedback she gets from the young people, and their turning away from drugs, is her biggest reward and she has many moving success stories to share. It is clear that Dawn has started a great thing and in her typical modest way, she says that if it stops just one young person from wasting their life on drugs, it will be all worth it.”

Joining the Good Sports Club ethos

Leilamarie says the club joined Good Sports to maintain a positive, safe and family-friendly reputation. Most importantly, the club is learning about the most effective ways to do so. A major goal is preventing and reducing harm caused by alcohol and drugs in the community.

Dawn believes in the Good Sports ethos of modelling positive behaviours. She has championed this policy from the moment she joined the club.

“She is inspired by the children and helps foster the best version of themselves she can. Dawn sees some of the negativity that the youth are exposed to and is a mentor, role model and counsellor and provides a safe and supportive environment for them.”


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