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Good Sports 2018 ACT Club of the Year - Tuggeranong Netball Association

2018 Good Sports Awards: ACT Club of the Year

News & Events / 2018 Good Sports Awards: ACT Club of the Year

The Tuggeranong Netball Association (TNA) are the 2018 Good Sports ACT Club of the Year.

The Tuggeranong Netball Association (TNA) truly embody the Good Sports ethos — inclusive, vibrant, passionate, connected. Of these four key values, inclusiveness is perhaps the most significant. After all, sports clubs operate at their best when people from all walks of life come together to form a team, bringing new ideas and understanding to each other’s lives. This year’s ACT Good Sports Club of the Year completely embodies this value. The club have gone above and beyond to make sure anyone and everyone gets the opportunity to belong to their club and feel welcomed and included.

More than just a sporting club

“The Tuggeranong Netball Association is more than just a sporting club. We aim to be one with the community, representing all that is wonderful in the Tuggeranong Valley,” says Club President Jonathon Toze.

“(TNA) are leaders in the ACT sporting community in Indigenous reconciliation and participation, increasing from six members to over 60 in four years. We have also expanded this now to be inclusive of the refugee and migrant communities.”

“In addition, TNA now include people with disability in our competition, which has involved the integration of mainstream TNA players with those members with a disability.”

Becoming leaders in sporting club culture

TNA has been making incredible steps towards becoming leaders in positive club culture within the ACT for years now. Most importantly, Jonathon says it was joining Good Sports that helped boost their 2018 Healthy Living campaign. This aimed at reducing alcohol use by their players. Not only that, it was about fostering healthy lifestyles for families, and discussing the cybersecurity of their players.

“We were looking to gain an edge in addressing those major issues of alcohol and healthy living. Which were core to our Healthy Living program,” Jonathon says.

“At the right time, we were engaged by the Good Sports team. Which gave us the policies and processes to deliver on the outcomes sought. And it has delivered — the ACT Department of Health has now engaged us as the exemplar club to demonstrate how to best deliver on key health outcomes.”

Much needed funds to watch the club play and grow

Tuggeranong Netball Association is developing a solid reputation throughout the ACT sporting community. Their recruitment grows stronger every year, the club plan on using their prize money grow even further. The club wants to make sure anyone who attends one of their games feels comfortable and welcomed.

“In spite of many thousands of people coming to our courts each weekend, we do not have seating around the courts for them to sit and watch the games,” Jonathon says. “These funds will go towards the $9,000 TNA will be spending this summer to provide seating to all members.”


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