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10 tips for keeping the team tight in lockdown

News & Events / 10 tips for keeping the team tight in lockdown

It sure feels like we are in the final quarter of the lockdown. But until that siren sounds, there is still a lot to do to keep club members of all ages motivated and ready for action. 

It’s great to see many clubs are not taking their eye off the ball and ensuring everyone still feels like part of the team. 

Good Sports has been staying in touch with clubs and is impressed by the creative ways they’re keeping players in the fold and on their toes. 

Here’s what some of the clubs told us they have been doing. And they said they would love to see all Good Sports clubs give it a go, because it makes such a big difference to team spirit. 

  1. Check in to make sure your team is OK 
  2. Ask your members to send in a photo so you can create a club collage  
  3. Post a wordfind 
  4. Set up a scavenger hunt 
  5. Get members to colour in your club’s logo 
  6. Make a video 
  7. Set up virtual exercise 
  8. Post an online competition  
  9. Backyard sport 
  10. Tik Tok challenges 

Jets Amateur Sports Club on TikTok 

One great example is the Jets Amateur Sports Club, based at Edith Cowan University in WA. The Jets club covers five sporting codes and are loving how members are even connecting across other codes. 

The club has been using innovative ways such as creating online video challenges using the simple video app TikTok to keep members engaged and connected. 

The challenges have included doing soccer tricks with toilet paper rolls, passing netballs from player to player and dance routines. 

“We’ve had a lot of fun putting together TikTok challenges for our members as a way for people to stay in touch and keep their spirits up,” ECU Jets Operations Manager Whitney Barron said. 

Colouring in with Hornets Regional Touch 

On a simpler scale, the Hornets Regional Touch in NSW shared a plain outline of their logo and asked the juniors to colour it in – no fancy tech needed, just good old crayons, coloured pencils and textas. 

So, if you find you have your head down planning how to get your team ready for game day, just take a moment to lift your eyes up from that spreadsheet and stay in touch.  

That way your players will be right beside you, kitted up and ready for action when the whistle blows. 

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