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The Proof is in the Program

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You get out what you put in; we hear it a lot in sport and the Good Sports program is no different.

Over 17 years, we’ve helped more than 7,000 clubs to strengthen their local communities; improving responsible alcohol consumption, safe transport, mental health and nutrition.

We’re Australia’s largest and longest-running health initiative in community sports and we know what works. Here’s the proof:


The results speak for themselves:

A randomised control trial of Good Sports conducted in 2009 found participation in the program to greatly reduce the odds of risky drinking in clubs. According to the trial, Good Sports clubs are 42% less likely to experience alcohol-related harms.


Hear it from our clubs:

Good Sports clubs are proud to be a part of a program that works. Just take it from this proud cricket club:

“We are truly thankful for being an accredited Good Sports club. It allows us to continue to develop and be a better managed sporting club, helping us to attract fair and good members, solid community volunteers and be a leader for the district.”

What they said!


We’re always improving our game:

Good Sports is an evidence-based program which means we use the cold hard facts to inform all of our policies and procedures. With plenty of experience under our belt, our programs are tried and tested and focused on preventing issues before they occur.


Good Sports is proven to work; Good Sports clubs are safer and stronger places for communities to enjoy sport.

Stay ahead of the game and get your club on board today!

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