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State of Origin; there’s no better time to get together with your teammates and celebrate the rivalries and traditions that make sport so great.

Some clubs may even choose to host viewing nights, taking the opportunity to watch all of the action together as a team.

Yet while club events are a great chance to build comradery and team morale, it’s important that all members and guests are provided with a safe environment to celebrate with their club.

Luckily, we’ve just updated the Good Sports Club Function Guidelines with heaps of information which will further support clubs to host safe celebrations that all members and guests can enjoy.

The new guidelines include updated information regarding standard drink restrictions and practical strategies to help reduce risky drinking in clubs.

Check out the guidelines here and consider using these strategies when hosting your club’s State of Origin viewing parties over the next couple of weeks.

Though you can’t change the result, you can help to make sure that your club’s performance is memorable for all of the right reasons.

May the best state win!



  • Try restricting the number of standard drinks to a maximum of 4 when alcohol is included as part of the function ticket price. This keeps your club in line with the recommended guidelines provided by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
  • Have substantial food (more than just nuts and chips!) available for people to munch on during the game. This can help to slow the rate of drinking and absorption of alcohol.
  • Schedule breaks for when alcohol isn’t being served. This will help to reduce risky drinking and means that the bar staff won’t need to miss out on all of the Origin action!

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