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It can be difficult for clubs to market healthier options to children when there is so much competition for foods high in sugar, salt and/or fat. Don’t worry; help is available, here are a number of simple and easy strategies you can use to promote healthy options. Some ideas you can use include:

Make your health options look appealing. You can achieve this by:

  • Surround foods in your cold display cabinets with different coloured fruits or vegetables to draw attention to the healthier items
  • Garnashing sandwiches and plates with herbs and vegetables.
  • When serving sandwiches or wraps, display examples, making sure that the fillings can clearly be seen and are fresh and colourful
  • Clearly label all products so the customer knows what they are looking at and what they will be getting

Display your healthiest products in clearly visible places. Some examples include:

  • Place bottled water at eye level in drinks fridge
  • Display fresh fruit on the counter top
  • Place some fruit salad or fresh salads in the drinks fridge where they can clearly be seen from the counter
  • Place your menu in an easily accessible area, with your healthy option in bigger writing

Be aware of your prices!

  • Teenagers can be very price conscious so make sure you are offering some low cost health options as well!

Use promotions to package healthier options

  • Incorporate a weekly or biweekly meal deal
  • Use a popular healthy item and attach a piece of fruit and bottle of water at a slightly discounted price
  • Use theme days relevant to current events that are popular among your customers

Make sure you ask for feedback from your customers!

  • Find out what your customers are thinking. This may give you some more ideas about other ways you can promote you healthier options!

Article prepared by NAQ Nutrition as part of the Food for Sport Implementation Project

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