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Safe Food Handling Tips

Food Poisoning affects over 5 million Australians every year and the symptoms can be very serious.  Safe food handling is essential for preventing the spread the germs and disease that cause food poisoning.  Remember to keep the following rules in mind whenever you prepare or cook food.

  1. Always wash your hands carefully before you start preparing food
  2. If you wear gloves, change them whenever you would wash your hands
  3. Do not handle food if you are sick or have cuts or sores on your hands. Cuts or wounds must be covered with a bandaid and a glove worn over the bandaid until the wound has fully healed
  4. Keep hot food hot (>60˚C) and keep cold food cold (<5˚C)
  5. Defrost food in the fridge. Heating in the microwaves is ok in urgent situations
  6. Do not re-freeze thawed food
  7. Store food appropriately in the fridge, do not overload the fridge
  8. Avoid cross contamination by using separate chopping boards for different foods (one for raw meat, one for cooked meat, one for fruit, one for vegetables and one for bread products)
  9. Never smoke in or around food areas
  10. Clean and sanitise your cooking areas regularly and thoroughly
  11. Get rid of pests by taking out bins regularly and ensuring the kitchen area is kept clean

Article prepared by NAQ Nutrition as part of the Food for Sport Implementation Project

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